About Lady Nytewind

Lady Nytewind (Charlyn Scheffelman) is a Wiccan High Priestess and founded Mountain Moon Circle, an eclectic Pagan/Wiccan group in Billings, MT in 2001. She has been active in metaphysics since childhood because of the psychic experiences in her past. In 1971, she opened the first metaphysical bookstore in Billings, where she taught Psychic development and Astrology. Nytewind was trained in Past Life Regression Hypnosis by Dick Sutphen, Marcia Moore and Isabelle Hickey. Besides the book store. This store still exists in Billings as Barjon’s Books. Barbara and John bought the stock from Charlyn when she moved to Arizona. She has also owned/operated health food stores and her dance studio, where she taught ballet, tap, jazz, belly dance and yoga; then she moved back in Billings after teaching elementary school in Las Vegas for ten years.

She founded Magickal Makings in 2004, along with SummerFest, a pagan/ Wiccan four day camp in the mountains near Red Lodge MT. These camps continued for nine years, until the camp was no longer available. She taught Wicca for 15 years and has written two books: My Strange Paranormal Life: Diary of a Witch , and Nytewinds’ Wiccan Way and the SummerFest Events. She is now working on Astrology for Wiccans, as well as organizing Montana Metaphysical Fairs!

Lady Nytewind works to build community among Montana Pagans. She hopes to bring the many 'solitary' Witches and Pagans together for Sacred Play and support. She also hopes to dispel some of the wrong ideas that the general public has about Witches and the Craft.

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Lady Nytewind is currently available for book signings and speaking events. Contact us today to book her for your next event!