Magickal Makings Metaphysical Fairs

Featuring : psychic readers, mediums, palmists, healers, books and tarot decks, jewelry, magickal supplies (witch kits, altar items, athames, etc.) rocks, crystals, essential oils and brews.

  • Cody WY @ Holiday Inn, 1701 Sheridan Ave -Map-

    • September 20 (4-8 PM) and September 21 (9 AM-7 PM )

  • Billings MT @ Billings Hotel & Convention Center, 1223 Mullowney Lane -Map-

    • December 20 (4-8 PM) and December 21 (9 AM -7 PM)

Fill out the form below to contact us today for more information , or to inquire about booking a vendor space ! Vendor spaces are 60$ per event,and covers both days of an event. Table and two chairs furnished. If you are interested in bringing Montana Metaphysical Fairs to your area, please reach out to us!

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