My Strange Paranormal Life: Diary of a Witch

My Strange Paranormal Life: Diary of a Witch


Charlyn searched all her life for answers to questions she had, and for answers she inately knew since childhood about religion and the paranormal events she constantly experienced. Answers led to the wiccan religion, to teaching and writing, lecturing and creating experiences and events for others to explore.

“This book is an account of paranormal events I experienced and what I think that I learned from them. Most importantly, I learned that these events are a natural part of the human experience, so if they happen to you, don’t think you might be crazy. More people have paranormal events than you think but tend to tell no one about them. There are many other dimensions and many other life forms that inhabit them, and we all have psychic senses we should have been taught how to use to help us throughout our lives.”

- Charlyn Scheffelman

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