Stone Tarot Bag

Stone Tarot Bag


This gorgeous stone tarot bag kit is perfect for those venturing into the meaning of gemstones, and seeking to journey into stone reading . Included are 22 labeled Gemstones in a burlap bag and chart with their interpretations. Also included are three hand crafted wood burned wooden disks; one for a 3-stone reading, one for a 5-stone reading, and one for a 7-stone reading with directions for all. One stone may be drawn for an answer to a single question as well. All are neatly packaged in a beautiful wooden box.

Kit Includes:

3 handmade wood burned disks / stone tarot reading boards

22 labeled gemstones

small drawstring burlap bag( for storing stones)

A chart with each gemstones interpretations

Directions for using the kit

All items have been made (or decorated) by Lady Nytewind in sacred space.

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