Ticket for Butte Group Past Life Reading

Ticket for Butte Group Past Life Reading


Charlyn Scheffelman, AKA Lady Nytewind has agreed to offer a group past-life regression on Friday evening, 8:15- 9:30 PM, at the La Quinta Inn ,following the Magickal Makings Butte Metaphysical Fair . 
Lady Nytewind, was trained and certified in regressive hypnosis by Dick Sutphen, author of "You Were Born to be Together Again" and many subsequent books

Charlyn is also a Wiccan High Priestess, founder of Mountain Moon Circle and SummerFest, a camp event that focused on the elements (fire, air, earth and water) as taught in the Wiccan tradition. She is the author of "My Strange Paranormal Life; Diary of a Witch" and "Nytewind's Wiccan Way and the SummerFest Events." "Astrology for Wiccans" is in progress.

She has helped many people discover their past lives, leading to a deeper understanding of self. Lady Nytewind believes that "We are who we were!"

This will be a group session. Please bring a mat or blanket 
Admission: $25.

Please contact us with any questions ! We look forward to meeting you at this event!

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