Magickal Makings
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“Do you believe in magick?” I’d say ,

(Real magick always ends with a “k”)

Do you believe that prayers can come true?

Perhaps that’s the same as magick to you

Spells of magick are prayers too , you know

(Perhaps including a good bit of show.)

For prayers to work and magick too,

The emotional impetus must come from you

Both of us cherish and love the Divine,

Whatever you call it; yours, or mine

For though we might on some things disagree,

I say we agree on much more than you see”


Lady Nytewind’s Installation for water at Summerfest 2011


Lady Nytewind’s Books


My Strange Paranormal Life

“This book is an account of paranormal events I experienced and what I think that I learned from them. Most importantly, I learned that these events are a natural part of the human experience, so if they happen to you, don’t think you might be crazy. More people have paranormal events than you think but tend to tell no one about them. There are many other dimensions and many other life forms that inhabit them, and we all have psychic senses we should have been taught how to use to help us throughout our lives.”

- Charlyn Scheffelman


Nytewind’s Wiccan Way and the Summerfest Events

Lady Nytewind sees a relationship between Wicca and other disciplines, such as astrology and alchemy, and has incorporated them into her teachings, rituals, and practices. This book includes information detailing the very magical Summerfest events she and Mountain Moon Circle members held for nine years in the mountains of Montana. This book includes the themes, workshops, installations, and excerpts from rituals that were presented to the attendees.